UP and about in Marquette

The gate agent tries desperately to find customers willing to forfeit her overbooked flight. Along with a free night’s stay, she’s also offering a roundtrip voucher for two. Think about it, she says, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you could be heading to a nice warm place with that special someone! It’s the middle of winter here in Detroit, and make no mistake, the city does get awfully cold, but my connecting flight is headed to someplace even colder, Marquette, MI!

It boasts all of two gates, but courtesy of a seasonal service to some place in Canada, it’s still considered “international”. In the arrivals hall, an episode of “Air Crash Investigation” plays unapologetically on the TV set. Outside, the temperature is 3F (-16C), without factoring in the wind. This has been one of our milder days, James says to me with a smile, as we head out into the darkness. Welcome to the UP!

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