Trucks & Carts

Back to NYC Eats… and Drinks!

Cupcake Crew [DESERTS]
– Often found close to Bryant Park, this striking looking truck churns out a great selection of Cupcakes, including minis! Maple Bacon (believe it!) and ‘Chocolate Chocolate’ are my favorite flavors!

Bian Dang, 11W 32nd St [TAIWANESE]
– I ate from their roaming location, the food truck! The Taiwanese-style Chicken over rice, with Pork Sauce, is superb – crisp and flavourful. Good size serving too!

Frites n Meats [AMERICAN]
– You’d be hard pressed to find a better Burger on a truck or cart, anywhere in the city! Their Frites are great too.

Green Taste Desi Truck. Location varies, usually just off 6th Ave in Midtown [INDIAN]
– Their menu is simple, their prices extremely reasonable but I’ve tried all their items and I would recommend just the one – Chicken Tikka Masala over Rice. Its tasty, not as heavy as you would expect and is served on the finest quality Basmati you can hope to find street side! Not only does it fill you up but for 5 bucks its a steal!

Dal Wagon, NE corner of 39th St & 6th Ave [INDIAN]
– Probably the best Indian food you can find in west midtown – no kidding! The friendly husband and wife team make a small selection of dishes, and the wife actually makes Puris (Puffed Flat Bread) on the spot! Their Tikka Masala is great, their Keema (minced Chicken in this case) is awesome, the quality of Basmati and veggie sides excellent, and the Puri just fantastic! You will be hard pressed to find such an authentic home-cooked meal elsewhere in the city – couldn’t recommend it more!

Korilla BBQ [KOREAN]
– No fixed location unfortunately so its best you follow them on Twitter! And once you locate them, you’ll realise they’re worth the hype! I recommend their Bulgogi bowl with sticky rice, and plenty of Kimchi – excellent!

– All I’ve tried from here is their BBQ Rice Bowl and I was completely sold! I got it with their Brisket, which was excellent. Great serving size too!

Rafiiqi’s cart, on the SE corner of 39th & 7th Ave [MIDDLE EASTERN]
– Have tried pretty much all the carts in west midtown, and this one is hands down the best! Super friendly guys running the show here, and a great plate of Chicken over rice.

Swami’s Dosa cart, SW corner of 39th & Broadway [INDIAN]
– Am still to try the famous Dosa cart at Washington Square Park, but suffice to say, Swami does a great job of it! Ask for Chickpeas as a part of your Masala Dosa, get some hot sauce on the side, and your all set! The accompanying Coconut Chutney is great too. All told, his Dosa is hard to beat in quality and price!

Taïm Mobile, 222 Waverly Place [MIDDLE EASTERN]
The offerings from this truck are true to its name, which means tasty & delicious in Hebrew! The Falafel sandwich is great, and distinctly different from any other cart or truck in NYC. Save some space, and change, for their Ginger-Mint Lemonade – bliss on a summer day!

Trini Paki Boys, SE corner of 43rd and 6th. [SOUTH ASIAN / CARIBBEAN]
– Finally got to try this much storied cart! Stood in line for at least 15-minutes, but it was worth it just to sample their “Doubles”, a Trinidadian staple! Their Chicken Tikka Masala is pretty good too. I’m yet to sample their Biryani though, which is much talked about. The trick is to get here no later than a half noon, else they sell out of all their “hot” items!

Van Leeuwen, Multiple locations and trucks! [ICE CREAM]
– Attractive looking truck that can be found in multiple locations across the city. Have tried their Chocolate and Earl Grey Tea flavour – both fantastic! Their flavours change by the season.

Wafels & Dinges [DESERTS]
– One of the smartest looking carts in the business, Wafels & Dinges have multiple cart locations across the city and a truck too! Their Waffelini (comes with 2 toppings of your choice) is the most satisfying treat one can get off the street for 3 bucks!

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