Staten Island

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Golden Dove, 3281 Richmond Ave [DINER]
– This independently owned 24 hr eatery sports Diner decor from the 60s/70s with its older, smaller section – full of character – at one end of the massive eatery, and its newer, larger, characterless section at its business end! Have only been there for lunch so can’t comment on their breakfast, but suffice to say they do a good job of their Gyros and Souvlakis!

Lakruwana, 668, Bay St [SRI LANKAN]
– First off, this place deserves a visit just for the effort they’ve put in to the decor – its akin to visiting a museum on Sri Lanka! Now on to the food – everything we sampled (there were four of us) was excellent – from their Hoppers to their Lamprai, their curries to their Biryani (very different from the Indian one). Save space for Watalapan, a Coconut-based pudding made of Palm Sugar. Their Buffet is rumoured to be equally good, if not better than SanRasa’s.

Sanrasa, 226 Bay St [SRI LANKAN]
– The all day Sunday, all-you-can-eat buffet is well worth the trek to Staten Island! Non-Veg entrés are great but their vegetarian selection is easily the best! Spicy, as you like it, courtesy of a handful of chutneys and sauces! Lion Beer (8% alcohol) to cool you down!

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