Lower Manhattan

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Adrienne’s, 54 Stone St [PIZZERIA]
– Good thin crust pizzas with interesting toppings.

Brandy Library, 25 North Moore St [BAR / LOUNGE]
– The kind of place you’d take a date to or if you wanted to impress a connoisseur of fine spirits! The interiors are warm and cozy, the lighting mellow, and the extremely knowledgeable wait staff never gets in your face! Better still, no one bats en eye if two people decide to share a (single!) Single Malt tasting! Their menu reads more like a thesis, and its easy to understand why if you simply glance around at the library-style shelves stocked with thousands of precious spirit bottles!

Gigino at Wagner Park, 20 Battery Place [ITALIAN]
– Slightly pricey, but good food and fabulous views, especially in the summers, when you sit outdoors.

Grand Banks, Pier 25, Hudson River Park, N. Moore St [OYSTER BAR]
– A repurposed Schooner, a floating Oyster Bar, Boddingtons on tap, and dramatic views all around – Grand Banks definitely wins the prize for most innovative space of 2014, in my books! And the best part of all, she can still sail!

Hudson Eats, Brookfield Place, 200 Vesey St [FOOD HALL]
– Hudson Eats is a brilliant concept all around, more than filling the food void, in an area of Lower Manhattan cut off from everything by the West Side Highway. All the headliners are here, from Num Pang to Mighty Quinns to Blue Ribbon, with more on the way. Great communal space too, with stunning views of the marina and waterfront.

Kitchenette, 156 Chambers St [BRUNCH / AMERICAN]
– A really cute space, with colorful decor, and all the trimmings one would find in a classic American Diner. Their griddle and bakery offerings are both very good, as are their staple egg dishes. A good breakfast / brunch option in the Tribeca area. They have another location in the Upper West Side.

Khe-Yo, 157 Duane St [LAOTIAN]
– Gorgeous interiors, fabulous food, excellent service – Khe-Yo has it all! For the city’s first, and much hyped, Laotian eatery, they’ve really got it down to an art form here. Khe-Yo is best enjoyed in a large group (with an appetite for spice!) where you get to sample pretty much the entire menu (there are only 14 items to begin with). If nothing else, go there for the Bang-bang Sauce and Sticky Rice – best combination ever! Expensive – yes. Worthwhile – absolutely!

Pakistani Tea House, 176 Church St [INDIAN]
– Hole in the wall with cheap and good North Indian food and authentic Indian bread! Where the cabbies eat!

Shigure, 277 Church St [SAKE BAR / JAPANESE]
– Can’t speak about the food here since I wasn’t there at dinner time, but suffice to say, their Sake selection is fantastic, and if your ever in doubt about what to order, the knowledgeable and friendly hostess (of Decibel lineage) will be glad to help. There’s also a helpful, hand-drawn map of Japan on the wall, divided into the many prefectures, which in turn are listed alongside the Sakes, to help identify what region they come from. The space is great too – spacious and modern, drawing on a more contemporary Japanese aesthetic.

Smith & Mills, 71 North Moore St [BAR]
– The Tribeca version of the speakeasy, this tiny little cocktail lounge has been crafted out of an old carriage house, and you will be excused for missing its entrance! Once within though, you can marvel at the great use of space, its beautiful trimmings, and the highly efficient bar. No visit here is complete without a trip to the bathroom!

Stone Street Tavern, 52 Stone St [BAR]
– A quieter, easier to find a spot, alternative to Ulysses – just a few doors down on Stone St. Warm interiors, friendly service, a decent selection on tap, and some good Guinness battered Fish & Chips on the menu!

The Full Shilling, 160 Pearl St [IRISH PUB]
– Lovely old interiors, a variety of beer on tap and good pub grub!

The Honorable William Wall, Launches depart from North Cove Dock F, World Financial Center Marina [BAR]
– Book your launch tickets early in the season, grab some takeout, and then spend the rest of the evening watching sailboats race, against the magical backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, with the setting sun following close on their heels. Although its popularity has increased in recent times, this floating club house, open to the public by the Manhattan Sailing Club, could still qualify as one of New York’s hidden gems.

Ulysses, 58 Stone St [BAR]
– Great atmosphere in the summers, when its outdoor patio opens on Stone St.

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