Upper Manhattan

Back to NYC Eats… and Drinks!

Amy Ruth’s, 113W 116th St [SOUL]
– They don’t take reservations and lines for brunch are long, but like many other places in the city, worth the wait! Best known for their Fried Chicken and Waffles, there sides are excellent to – Collard Greens and Potato Salad to name a few!

Dinosaur BBQ, 646W 131st St [AMERICAN / BBQ]
– This Harlem institution serves up succulent Ribs and meaty Chicken Wings, amongst other things. Their BBQ sampler is a good way to kick start your meal. Outdoor seating is another plus, when the weather allows for it!

Hungarian Pastry Shop, 1030 Amsterdam Ave [COFFEE SHOP / BAKERY]
– If you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with the intellectual set from Columbia, this place serves up some great Apple Strudel and Carrot Cake – that’s about all I’ve tried from their huge selection! The space is cramped, the lighting dim but there’s no shortage of character here!!

Jin Ramen, 3183 Broadway [JAPANESE]
– This tiny, and ever so popular Ramen-ya is perfectly located, just steps from the 125th St stop on the #1 train. They serve Hakata-style Ramen here, made to absolute perfection. The Tonkotsu Ramen we ordered was fantastic, from the broth to the noodles, and up there with the very best I’ve had in the city. They do a good job of their sides too, and have a sweet deal on their pitchers of Sapporo. Good service, huge portions and reasonably priced as well.

Le Chéile, 839W 181st St [PUB]
– I was drawn here because I was told they pour an exceptionally good Guinness, and by golly, they do! The homey version of an Irish pub, spread across two levels, Le Chéile not only has a good selection of brews, but also does an exceptional job with all their pub staples and more. Notable mentions are the Chicken Wings and their Farmer’s Sides.

Malecon, 4141 Broadway [DOMINICAN]
– On a busy intersection in the Washington Heights nabe sits Malecon, a bastion of quality Central American food! Grilled Chicken is their specialty here, as is evidenced by the ‘poultry window’ on the exterior! They do a fine job of the same, served with some very flavourful rice and beans, and a tangy dipping sauce to boot!

New Leaf, 1 Margaret Corbin Drive [AMERICAN]
– It may not have the best brunch in the city but it wins hands down for its location and setting! Set in a historic building resembling a Swiss Chalet and located within the wooded environs of Fort Tryon Park, this eatery is a weekend destination in its own right, an escape from the city, within the city! Comes complete with Garden Patio 😉

Tom’s Restaurant, 2880 Broadway at 112th St [DINER]
– Best known for featuring as the Diner in the legendary TV series Seinfeld, and the theme for the Suzanne Vega song ‘Tom’s Diner’, this Morningside Heights institution is a good stop for cheap wholesome breakfast, or if your craving that Gyro!

Zoma, 2084 Frederick Douglass Blvd [ETHIOPIAN]
– A nice airy space, with very friendly service and great food! The Doro Wett (Chicken Platter) is excellent – a large serving of the protein with two accompanying sides, of which the Collard Greens (Gomen) were outstanding! I’ve had better lentils at other Ethiopian eateries, but the quality of their Injera bread is, thus far, unmatched! You get a lot of food here at a very reasonable price. Ordering the excellent Honey Wine can, and most likely will, jack up your tab!

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