Summer’s last hurrah!

It is the first Saturday of October and we have just departed the town of Patchogue, aboard the 10:20 for Watch Hill. A dozen boy scouts, their caretakers, the four of us, and a couple of other hikers are all that make up the ferry’s roster this morning – an unusually low number given how stunning the day has turned out to be! As we make our way across Great South Bay, we remind ourselves how fortunate we are to be making this trip  ‘off season’ 😉

IMG_4950It’s been over a decade since I camped outdoors – in other words, way too long! Back in the day, as I shall refer to it, camping was invariably part of a trek, either in the Sahyadris (closer to Bombay) or in the loftier Himalayas.  Needless to say, I enjoyed both those activities immensely!

Despite several efforts over the past couple of years, the closest I’ve gotten to camping in this country has been ‘cabining‘, or staying in a log cabin in the woods! I know, it doesn’t quite count! So, just like I had been earlier this year – hell bent on skiing – I was determined to go camping, before the cooler weather descended on us.

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